Yes, this Web Site doesn't only look like the past Millennium, it really is from that Era when there were no Social Networks because the early Internet itself was where the Web Avant-garde met, people who were still able to arrange with each other even without buyers protection, when SPAM has been mostly known as a Monty Python's joke, Google has been a Start-up competing against AltaVista.digital.com, Wikipedia was still some years away and Modems were too slow for Video anyway – pure Freedom, that's why I'm not gonna change this design any more.
Born on 19thJune 1967, I grew up in Lower Saxony under British occupation which retrospectively was a surprisingly decent time in Germany. BFBS radio played stimulating Music from the 80's when Depeche Mode were a boy band and Spitting Image on Super Channel was so ahead compared to everything else I'd seen on TV. My Commodore 64 fired a lot of excitement and teased huge advancements to come. Today I remain inherently West German and am not really compatible with that neoPrussian Germany again governed from Berlin the same presumptuous way as the Euro Zone. Nationalism and puritanical conditioning have reawakened since the Reunion with the former German Democratic Republic in 1990. Unfortunately I was never able to find the opportunity to develop my Photography skills such as Herb Ritt's awesome Identity Work Out, which inspired my career goal as a schoolboy, so in 1990 I'd started to study Law to end up as a dissident.
9thFebruary 1996 I'd got my first eMail@ddress and managed to configure MacTCP and Netscape five days later. Inside a group of Artists later that year I developed a Concept for making a Living from digitised Artwork within the developing new media – must have been strangely convincing, because somebody obtrusively asked who'll have to sign for funding and destroyed others' faith and optimism this way. When finishing my Law Education, shortly before failing to fend off illiberal attacks made this my former profession, at least I could return to my main topic the Freedom to develop and express one's Identity.

2000 an inverted © showing an inner core feeding an outer circle became my symbol for creative, intellectual and scientific Self Development. 2001 in Hamburg my framework of © Förderverein für individuelles Werkschaffen could have become an early institution for what's known as Crowdfunding these days, but it took me until 2005 to found this association. Soon it might lead to funding of my own project to create a Vision for Europe after nationalism has become history and Individual Freedom to live one's life with others of the same Free Spirit will be the principal goal again of western societies and beyond…